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Israel Police have arrested two Arab youth suspected of humiliating a Jewish man in Jerusalem's Old City and then uploading footage of the incident to TikTok.

The footage is accompanied by a laugh emoji, and shows the two Arabs demanding the Jewish man kiss the hands and feet of one of the Arabs. It is captioned, "See how he kisses the shoes."

The Arabs' arrest has been extended by four days.

Israel Police responded, "Israel Police's Jerusalem District will continue to fight crimes of abuse, violence, and humiliation, and bring those involved to justice."

"Videotaping such improper acts and sharing them on social media is even more serious, and the criminals should know that the footage of their actions will only help the police collect evidence, locate those involved, and quickly arrest them and bring them to justice. We will continue to fight determinedly and to deal with the crimes carried out on social media and in every other place."