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The Zionist Organization of America denounced the UN General Assembly for adopting a series of anti-Israel resolutions, including one to “dedicate its activities in 2023 to the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nakba, including by organizing a high-level event at the General Assembly Hall on 15 May 2023.”

The ZOA noted that the resolution enshrining the Nakba was sponsored by Egypt and Jordan, with which Israel has long-standing peace agreements, and supported by Israel’s Muslim neighbors, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, that are on friendly terms with Israel.

Pointing out that the vote – in which 90 countries voted in favor, 30 against, and 47 abstained – occurred one day after the 75th anniversary of the vote on the UN Partition Plan, which would have created another Arab state alongside a Jewish state and which all Arab countries opposed, ZOA applauded the Biden administration for standing with Israel and voting against the resolution.

The representative of the United States said: “We are engaged in the annual UN ritual of rubber-stamping outdated and ineffective resolutions that purport to advance the cause for the Palestinian people but instead reveal a profound anti-Israel bias.”

“We commend the Biden administration for standing with Israel against yet another resolution at the UN, which has degenerated into little more than a propaganda outfit for Israel- and Jew-hating regimes,” ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said. “We urge President Biden to reduce American taxpayer dollars spent to fund this counterproductive and corrupt organization and support only transparent, humanitarian operations.”

Klein added: “Imagine if Great Britain gathered the nations of the world to condemn July 4th as a catastrophe and the world agreed. It would be absurd. And yet when it happens to the one and only Jewish state, it’s just another day at the UN. This double standard proves the UN is a Jew-hating organization, nothing more and nothing less.”

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