IDF soldiers in Hebron
IDF soldiers in HebronWisam Hashlamoun/Flash90

The commanding officer of the IDF's Tzabar Battalion suggested to his superiors that the sentence of a Givati soldier who made a political statement last week be shortened.

In a statement, the IDF said, "After the Givati soldier who last week made a political statement accepted accountability and expressed remorse for acting in a manner inappropriate for an IDF soldier last week, the Commanding Officer of the Tzabar Battalion, LTC Aviran Alfasi, suggested to his superiors that the soldier’s sentence be reduced by four days."

On Friday, "the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command, MG Eliezer Toledano, approved the reduction of his sentence," the statement concluded.

The soldier made his statement last Friday, in the context of an altercation provoked by leftist anarchist activists in Hebron. In it, the soldier said, "Ben Gvir will restore order here." A second soldier was recorded punching an activist, and was thereafter suspended.

Following the incident, the soldier who had made the statement received ten days in prison. On Tuesday, he requested a lighter sentence, but his request was rejected.