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A bus drove into a house near Monsey, New York on Thursday, causing multiple injuries.

The school bus operated by the Ribnitzer schools crashed into a house in Spring Valley, in Rockland County, trapping many injured passengers inside it, according to Yeshiva World News.

Monsey Hatzolah arrived at the scene of the accident. At least 21 people had to be extricated from the damaged bus. They were taken to nearby hospitals. At least five of the injured had to be rushed to trauma centres, according to the report. Two of the injured are listed in serious condition.

The crash of the bus caused major damage to the house and also resulted in at least one car being lodged underneath it.

It is so far not clear what initially caused the accident to occur. However, according to Yeshiva World News, witnesses said that the bus hit two parked cars which became lodged underneath it. The bus, dragging the cars, then drove over a hill and into the house.

An investigation has now been opened by law enforcement into the cause of the accident.