During the counterterrorism operation
During the counterterrorism operationIDF spokesperson

The IDF, Israel Security Agency (Shabak) and Israel Police forces on Wednesday night conducted counterterrorism activities in Judea and Samaria, and two senior terror operatives were killed during an operation in the town of Wadi Bruqin.

During a joint IDF-Shabak activity in the town of Wadi Bruqin, three wanted individuals suspected of involvement in terrorist activities were apprehended. During the operation, armed suspects shot at the security forces, who responded with live fire. Hits were identified.

During the exchange of fire, Muhammad Qasim Saadi, a high-ranking operative in the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, was killed. Saadi has carried out a number of shooting attacks on Israeli forces, together with armed Islamic Jihad operatives, all while following the leadership of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

Naim al-Zubadi, a terror operative who was involved in a number of shooting attacks targeting Israeli forces, was also killed during the exchange of fire.

Additionally, the forces located and confiscated three M-16 rifles.

In parallel, the forces operated in the towns of Dura and Dayr Samet and apprehended four wanted individuals suspected of involvement in terrorist activity. The forces located a gun during the activity in the town of Dura. Two additional wanted suspects were apprehended in the towns of Bayt Furik and Abu Shahidem.

The forces also operated in the towns of Haje and Beit Ummar. No IDF injuries were reported. The wanted suspects and weapons were transferred to security forces for further processing.

"The security forces will continue to operate decisively to thwart any attempt to harm the safety of Israeli civilians," the IDF emphasized.

The confiscated weapons
The confiscated weaponsIDF spokesperson

Some of the confiscated weapons
Some of the confiscated weaponsIDF spokesperson
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