Amb. Erdan challenges the UN
Amb. Erdan challenges the UNIsraeli mission to the UN

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan presented a picture on the stage of the UN's General Assembly today demonstrating the expulsion of the Jews from Arab countries and Iran as well as a sign with the headline from The New York Times written days after the establishment of the State of Israel.

Ambassador Erdan said, "Two days after Israel’s establishment, this was the headline in the New York Times. It did not read, 'Arabs in Grave Danger in all Jewish Lands.' It read, 'Jews in Grave Danger in all Moslem Lands.' The Arab countries and Iran immediately began to expel the Jews living throughout the Middle East and North Africa…hundreds of thousands of Jewish families were uprooted from their homes, robbed of their valuables and property, and forcefully cast out of the countries where they lived for millennia…This is the true Nakba. This is the disaster carried out against the Jewish people, and this is the disaster that this body has ignored for decades. Look at this family that was expelled. Stop ignoring the Jewish Nakba! Stop ignoring the Jewish Nakba!"

Ambassador Erdan said that many Ambassadors tell him in private that they know there is no chance and no sense in allowing the millions of descendants of Palestinian Arab refugees to enter Israel and cause its annihilation. He said, "Many of you have spoken to me about the Refugee Problem personally, admitting that there is no chance, no chance that millions of descendants of Palestinian ‘refugees’, five-point-five million today, will ever return to Israel. Not only is such a demand unjust, you all know that it would destroy Israel immediately and completely. But you are afraid to repeat this truth publicly! Why must the UN constantly serve as a house of lies?"

The Ambassador added, "By supporting resolutions that single-out, condemn, and vilify Israel, you are telling the Palestinians that their path of incitement and terror-funding, truly pays off. They can continue murdering innocent Israelis, boycott any dialogue or negotiations and the international community will still stand behind them. How can you expect that Palestinian leadership will compromise on any of their absurd demands, when every single one of their absurd UN resolutions are adopted? If you want to resolve this conflict, stop supporting these falsehoods!"