The expensive jewelry
The expensive jewelryIsrael Tax Authority

Israel Police and the Tax Authority foiled an attempt to smuggle expensive gold jewelry into Israel.

In the operational activity at Ben Gurion International Airport, the authorities prevented jewelry weighing dozens of kilograms and estimated to be worth millions of shekels from being smuggled into Israel.

Three residents of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods were arrested on suspicion of smuggling.

Earlier this week, detectives from the special 747 unit of Israel Police and customs investigators noticed a passenger who had landed in Israel after arriving on a direct flight from Turkey and who was acting suspiciously while collecting his suitcases. They therefore instructed the passenger to place his baggage on the x-ray machine in the customs line.

Meanwhile, customs investigators identified expensive jewelry in the suitcase, including a crown, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, as well as gold coins, worth altogether millions of shekels. Initial investigations at the scene included the examination of additional findings and revealed communications between the first suspect and two others, who were also detained. The luggage of one of the additional suspects was found to contain another collection of expensive jewelry.

All three individuals were taken for questioning on suspicion of violating the customs and VAT laws, and they were released under limiting conditions. Their interrogation is ongoing and is being conducted by the Jerusalem Department for Customs and VAT Investigations.