Dr. Shmuel Katz
Dr. Shmuel KatzCourtesy

The State of Israel must take the lead and stop the serious problems associated with the ongoing deception, incitement and brainwashing in the Arab schools, mosques, media outlets and elsewhere, because it is one of the most important causes of the terror attacks.

1. The evil operatives must be exposed, marginalized and stopped

2. All good people must be educated with the facts, so that they should be able to identify and combat deception and misinformation.

3. Good people must understand that once evil people get economic support and political access, they become a funded group of terrorists with connections.

4. All people must understand that once evil is unleashed, everyone, including themselves, will become their victims.

These tasks should be implemented not just by private organizations, but also on an international and governmental level, as the actions of small, private organizations are not enough to address this problem which has been neglected far too long.