Infant bottles (illustrative)
Infant bottles (illustrative)iStock

Israel Police on Tuesday arrested a resident of Hod Hasharon, on suspicion that she cleaned infants' bottles with cleaning fluid and did not rinse them properly afterwards, Israel Hayom reported.

According to the report, two infants in the daycare in which the woman works were evacuated to Meir Medical Center due to ingesting bits of the substance which had remained in the bottles.

The investigation revealed that the substance which remained in the bottles was bleach.

Israel Hayom quoted the mother of one of the affected infants as saying, "My child was poisoned by the assistant. They put a poisonous substance in his bottle, his and other children's. It's lucky that only two drank it. I received a phone call that my child had ingested a poisonous substance. When I heard that I broke into tears. I thought he was dead. They told me he had drunk a poisonous substance. I was very worked up and I began to cry."

"I know the assistant and I warned about her. I said there were problems with her. There were a lot of signs that there are problems. I warned the daycare director, and they did not listen."

"My child is two years and four months old," she added. "He is under observation. He drank chlorine and bleach. He is conscious but they do not know how much he drank, and he is still undergoing testing."

Meir Medical Center said, "The infants' condition is good, and it was decided to keep them for observation. They are being treated in the pediatric ER."

The Hod Hasharon municipality said: "During a regular day's activities at a daycare in the city, two infants felt unwell and were evacuated to the emergency room, apparently due to exposure to dishwashing detergent. The infants' condition is good, and they are with their parents."