Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedAvshalom Sassoni/Flash 90

Outgoing Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked participated on Monday in a conference at the College of Management Academic Studies and predicted that the new government will fulfill its term.

Shaked said that the Override Clause does not abolish the Supreme Court as the left claims, and that "it only changes its dialogue with the Knesset".

On the question of what will happen when the Knesset uses the Override Clause to cancel women's right to vote, Minister Shaked replied that if a country deteriorates into a situation where it cancels women's rights, not even the court will be able to save it. In any case, the minister said, any law enacted by the Knesset through the Overrule Clause could be repealed by the next Knesset after four years.

On the center-left parties and their statements, Minister Shaked said that "Netanyahu always preferred a government with the left and the reason that a right-wing government has now been formed is that the other parties are boycotting him. If they are so afraid of a change for the worse in the justice system and damage to democracy, let them join the government. Let them decide what is more important to them, boycotting Bibi or saving democracy."

Regarding the timing of Netanyahu allowing the corrections in the judicial system, Shaked said, "Until an indictment was filed against Netanyahu, he opposed any changes to the judicial system, sometimes loudly, sometimes silently. Since the indictments, he has agreed to cooperate with the reforms."

The offense of breach of trust, she opined, is too broad and criminalizes the political process. "At the time, I, as Minister of Justice, together with the entire legal world and the Likud agreed that it was necessary to define the crime of breach of trust, but Netanyahu did not want to. I think what will happen is that they will not cancel the breach of trust, because then everything will be defined as a bribe, they will try to define the crime of breach of trust. And that's the right thing to do."