Illustrationצילום: עיסאם האשלמון, פלאש 90

Three IDF soldiers from the Druze sector were arrested Monday morning, in connection with a possible bomb attack against a Palestinian Arab home in Bethlehem, Kan reported Monday.

The three soldiers are suspected of throwing an explosive device at the home as revenge for the kidnapping of an Israeli Druze teenager shortly after he died in a car accident near Jenin in Samaria.

According to the report, a local Arab observed the soldiers throwing the bomb, and filed a complaint with the IDF.

An army spokesperson confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the alleged bomb attack.

"This morning (Monday), a number of IDF soldiers were apprehended on suspicion of hurling an explosive device at a residence in a Palestinian town in the area of Bethlehem. An investigation has been launched into the matter."

Last week, terrorists operating in the Palestinian Authority-administered city of Jenin seized the remains of Tiran Fero, an Israeli Druze teen from Daliyat el-Karmel.

Following negotiations - and after Druze leaders threatened to kidnap Palestinian Arabs in retaliation - Fero's body was returned thirty hours later.

Five Palestinian Arab workers were assaulted in two separate incidents last week after Fero's body was seized.

In one case, the armed assailants fired in the air, then forced the workers into a car before beating them.

Police later rescued the workers, who were evacuated to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya for treatment.