Netanyahu and Smotrich meet
Netanyahu and Smotrich meetSpokesperson

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu and MK Bezalel Smotrich on Sunday evening held a meeting, which lasted approximately three hours, together with the negotiating teams of the Likud Party and the Religious Zionist Party.

“The meeting was held in a good atmosphere and progress was made on all topics. The parties will meet again tomorrow with the goal of establishing a right-wing government as soon as possible,” the Likud said in a statement published after the meeting.

Earlier on Sunday, Smotrich expressed optimism that a right-wing government would be formed in the coming days.

"We are, God willing, after a clear victory for the right in the election campaign and in the midst of coalition negotiations, and I can tell you with full confidence: With God's help, a real right-wing government will be formed in the coming days. There is significant progress in the negotiations, we have shown good will and a great deal of understanding so that we can form a government soon, and I estimate that we are nearing the completion of the important task," Smotrich said.

He commented on the issues that remain open in the negotiations. "The things that remain open are not about ministerial portfolios or positions, but about the way to realize the values ​​and ideology so that we stand together as a coalition in what we promised the people of Israel in security, in governance, in regulating settlements, in safeguarding the nation's lands, in repairing the justice system and in strengthening Jewish identity. The three fundamental issues we insist on are settlement, Jewish identity, and a series of social issues."

Meanwhile, the Noam Party signed a coalition agreement with the Likud on Sunday night.

As part of the agreement, the one-member Knesset faction, represented by party chairman MK Avi Maoz, will receive control over a new authority which will be established in the next government.

Maoz will be appointed Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, with control over a Jewish-National Identity Authority which will be created within the Prime Minister’s Office.

Furthermore, Maoz will be given control over the Nativ bureau, which is charged with managing relations between the State of Israel and Jews living in Eastern Europe.