IDF soldiers in Hevron
IDF soldiers in HevronIDF Spokesperson

The IDF Military Police Investigations branch is under criticism for its handling of the soldiers who were involved in a confrontation with left-wing activists in Hevron over the weekend.

The soldiers were summoned to be questioned by the investigations branch on Sunday, however, sometime after that, the investigators told them that the investigation was canceled. A few hours later, the soldiers were asked to go to the Hevron police station where they filed a complaint, on Friday, against the far-left activists who attacked them.

Upon arriving at the police station, the soldiers found out that they didn't come to continue submitting their complaint, rather, they were met by military police investigators who questioned each one and let them off with a warning. The investigators took received testimony from an additional soldier. After being questioned the soldiers were returned to their base.

Attorney Adi Kedar from the Honenu organization criticized the trickery used against the soldiers: "We take the military investigators' behavior seriously. At first, the soldiers were summoned to be investigated by the Investigations Branch, after that they were told that it was canceled, later on, they were summoned to the police station where they had submitted a complaint against the anarchists, but it turned out that it was a trick and one of the soldiers ended up being questioned with a warning.

To us, this behavior is severe, and is a continuation of conduct by the chief of staff, who published a puzzling letter, instead of supporting the soldiers and waiting for the investigation's results, he chose to condemn the soldiers, instead of condemning the leftists and taking steps against them. We take this seriously, and we will continue to work for the soldiers."

Honenu's Moshe Polsky added: "It's outrageous how instead of supporting soldiers and running an investigation that's goal is to investigate the truth and letting the soldiers state their position and listen to them with an open heart, commanders in the IDF and the Investigations Branch treat soldiers like the worst criminals and use trickery against them. The chief of staff already pronounced judgment and decided how the incident will be dealt with, without allowing them to state their positions, it's a disgrace. We know that you can't abandon soldiers on the battlefield, here the IDF abandoned soldiers on the battlefield."