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MK StrockIsrael National News

MK Orit Strock (Religious Zionism) commented in an interview with Kan Reshet Bet on the decision to give the authority to recognize the young settlements to Itamar Ben Gvir's Otzma Yehudit.

"We are worried that what was, will continue, therefore, we want authority over the Civil Administration", Strock explained, giving a jab at Otzma Yehudit by adding: "You can't recognize the young settlements through the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee."

Earlier today MK Strock told Galei Yisrael that "The government will be formed G-d willing once the Likud understands that we aren't shaken by cursing, once the Likud understands that we will continue to stand up for what's ours, just like the other partners in the coalition did."

As previously reported, the incoming minister Yitzhak Wasserlauf from Otzma Yehudit will be responsible for regulating the young settlements in the new government, however, according to the agreement with the Likud Benjamin Netanyahu will lead the team of ministers. According to Strock, "The residents of the young settlements are worried that this is just a car without a motor, an empty wrapper."

Strock mentions her experience as the head of the Land of Israel Lobby and one who studied and is familiar with the subject before explaining that "Recognizing the young settlements through the Negev and Galilee Ministry is like dealing with traffic accidents through the Health Ministry."

When asked whether a special committee led by the Prime Minister would be able to take the steps needed to recognize the settlements, Strock answers: "The designated Prime Minister promised to recognize the young settlements in February 2011. Since then he's been toddling. In light of this toddling, we continue to demand the authority and the tools with which we can intensively and meticulously recognize all of the young settlements. That is our demand. We can't leave people in this situation for 20 years," she says and expresses a strong fear that the topic will be dealt with by the least relevant ministry.

"To recognize the settlements, the land's status needs to be recognized by the Civil Administration, it needs to be planned through a different system than in the rest of Israel, that too through the Civil Administration. To do this they will need a minister who has all of the tools that the Civil Administration has, in addition to authority, standards, and funds, and all this is not happening.

I expect all members of the Likud who were with us in the Land of Israel Lobby to fully support us in really recognizing the young settlements and not just on paper. We had enough promises on paper. I expect my friends in the Likud not to back something else. That is the moral and ethical minimum."

Strock adds a mention of Ben Gvir's promise not to join the government without Religious Zionism. "We expect and believe that this promise will be fully kept. I don't think our partners would turn their backs on us. I'm not worried about that and I believe that they will be trustworthy. We don't want lies, but real tools to solve problems. We can solve the problems, and the time has come that we solve them, and there's no one in the coalition that can stop it."