Yuri Volkov's funeral
Yuri Volkov's funeralAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Hundreds pf people participated Sunday afternoon in the funeral of Yuri Volkov, the Holon man who was stabbed to death in a road rage incident last week.

Shira Peleg, a nurse at Ichilov Medical Center who worked as Yuri's direct manager at the hospital, said at the funeral: "There are no words that can describe the evil and barbarism. Seeing him every day and thinking that he will no longer visit the ward. It was right before your night shift and your life was taken because of a vile and uninhibited man who was driven completely by hatred. Losing Yuri has opened a hole in the world. His death is a warning light to all of us and to Israeli society. You were a dedicated worker for the patients, you came to work happily and it was not without reason that you received an outstanding employee award."

Daria Volkov, Yuri's daughter, paid tribute to him: "Father, dear father, beloved father, you were an inseparable part of us. We still cannot believe that you entered the cold earth and will not return to our home. We do not believe that this terrible person made a hole in all of our hearts, a hole that is not and will not be filled forever. We cannot believe that you will not return home to mother. We will keep alive your memory. We know that you are watching over us from above."

Otzma Yehudit chairman Itamar Ben-Gvir also eulogized Vokov and said: "Dear Yuri. The knife that stabbed you, stabbed all of us. The violence, vandalism, barbarism, that struck you, struck us all.

Ben-Gvir added: "I have come to strengthen [Yuri's wife] Lena and the sweet children, to hug you and tell you that with G-d's help when I take office, I will do everything to stop this violence. This is related to education from school, to the culture of driving on the roads, to the culture of discussion, and it is also related to the police, which should be a very strong police force, which works against these abominable people."

"This murder is very serious. It is no less serious than any murder and I am here to tell you in my name and in the name of the future Israeli government, with G-d's help, that we will do everything to eradicate this phenomenon."

The stabbing took place at a crosswalk, after Volkov and a motorcyclist who had nearly run him and his wife over while running a red light became involved in a disagreement at the intersection of Eilat and Yoseftal streets in Holon.

Following the stabbing, the motorcycle rider escaped the scene. He was arrested at his home on Thursday

Volkov was treated a the scene by Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics and evacuated to Ichilov for further treatment.

Later, he died of his wounds in the hospital.

Lena Volkov, Yuri's widow, described her husband's murder in a video statement released by Ichilov Hospital: We were crossing the road. We had a green light and he had a red light. We told him it was not okay, that he was doing something wrong. I told Yuri I took his picture ... That’s why he killed him."