Yaakov Asher
Yaakov AsherYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Yaakov Asher (United Torah Judaism) said on Thursday evening that the Likud has not held a dialogue with United Torah Judaism on the fundamental issues in recent days.

"Let no one have the illusion that as soon as the personal problems of all kinds of people are solved - we will give up on matters of principle," Asher said in an interview with Radio Kol Chai.

"Unfortunately, due to all kinds of conversations among the parties regarding the ministerial portfolios, there has been no negotiation with us on the fundamental issues for the past two days. We are waiting for answers on many things that are a red line for us. Let them not think that we will close everything in a last-minute blitz. It won't work," he added.

"We unequivocally agreed with the Likud on correcting equality in education. There will be no compromise on this matter. There will be no situation in which a haredi child will be less equal than another child, these are things that will have to be included in the budget in the next two years in the most obvious way, not with coalition funds and not with any sort of band-aid," he clarified.

Asher pointed out that "a stable coalition is one in which everyone feels equal and represented. If one party or another acts forcefully and tries to take things at someone else's expense - the coalition will be crippled. We want positions where it is possible to express our strength and our worldview."