Hanoch Milwidsky
Hanoch Milwidsky Elazar Riger

MK Hanoch Milwidsky (Likud) submitted his first bill since assuming his role in the Knesset, and its purpose is to permit the denial of citizenship and the deportation of families of terrorists who have carried out terrorist attacks.

"I put on the Knesset table a bill that would allow the Interior Minister to revoke citizenship and deport families of terrorists. We have no other choice, we are in a war over our home, and in a war, drastic measures must be taken to make sure that anyone who thinks of harming us knows that he is going to pay the ultimate price," said Milwidsky.

About eight months ago, Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out on the issue and said that the new government will advance a bill in this spirit.

"The Likud will advance a bill to deny citizenship to terrorists who are Israeli citizens and who receive salaries from the Palestinian Authority," Netanyahu said at the time.