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After being informed that a group calling itself the Jisr Collective had used Twitter to celebrate the deadly terrorist bombings that occurred in Jerusalem on Wednesday, CEO Elon Musk banned the extremist group from the platform on Thursday.

Musk reacted after commentator Ian Miles Cheong pointed out in a tweet that the anti-Israel pro-terror group was active on Twitter.

“There is a terrorist group actively promoting and celebrating violence against Jews. The account has been active since 2021. I hope more can be done to crack down on this,” Cheong tweeted, along with screenshots of the group’s postings praising the bombings.

Musk responded: “Agreed, that is not ok.”

Not long after, the group’s account was shut down.

Cheong’s screenshots included the group praising Wednesday’s deadly bombings.

One screenshot was a photo of the aftermath of the explosion captioned, “The resistance has spoken. Explosion in Al Quds.” Another was of flames shooting out from a burning vehicle that was captioned: “How many more billions of dollars do the imperialists want to spend for these spectacular moments?”

A third screenshot featured Jsir Collective writing: “The Zionists are clearly desperate and have no idea how to deal with the resistance on the ground, boycotts, pro resistance media, the Unity of the Fields, and their internal own contradictions. The colony is weak and easily shaken. The resistance prevails.”

Cheong also shared a post from the group threatening violence against Mizrahi Jews which the group accused of being “traitors who joined white supremacist Zionists.”

“They were of us & they chose to be traitors. The manufactured victimization is likely [because] if they ever have to disband from their supremacist colony, we the oppressed awaits them. We all know what happens to traitors.”

According to the ADL, the Jisr Collective is an “antisemitic, anonymous, self-identified” group that describes itself as an “anti-imperialist diaspora media collective” that re-posts extreme anti-Zionist articles on its website and “frequently propagates inflammatory messages on social media.”

On their website, they claim to “counter what can only be described as increased normalization with imperialism and zionism [sic] in our communities in the western diaspora.” Opposed to Israel’s existence, they “explicitly assert their opposition to Israel’s existence; convey support for all forms of ‘armed resistance’ to Israel, including from terror groups Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and PFLP; and often express fierce opposition to ‘normalization.’”