Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Aryeh King tells Israel National News that the city of Jerusalem needs to increase its intelligence gathering in the aftermath of the two tragic terror attacks this week.

“We need to [deepen] our intelligence sources in East Jerusalem. We need to build more police stations in East Jerusalem. We have today just three police stations out of East Jerusalem. It's not enough,” King says.

“We also need to invest more in infrastructure in East Jerusalem. In this way the people that are close to the terror circles will know that we are after them and we'll catch them faster and the people that are far from the terror circles in East Jerusalem will see that there is a better life for those who are not looking to attack us and to harm us.”

He notes that in the last few years, the city has invested billions of shekels in East Jerusalem schools, kindergartens and roads.

“Together with that we are calling all the time on the police to go in to the neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, go neighborhood after neighborhood, street after street, building after building, and collect the weapons and find the terrorists not when they are in East or West Jerusalem or already after or doing the attack but find them in their houses before they leave their houses.”

Speaking about the political situation and the new Netanyahu government, he notes that in 1996, Netanyahu brought Labor into his coalition and did the same a second time to achieve a majority.

“They supported him when they they went to the president and after that he took the leftists and kept the right wing outside his coalition and his government. This is Bibi,” King says.

According to him, Netanyahu makes promises to the right wing but is not right wing himself.

“We of the right wing, we had enough of promises from Bibi Netanyahu. He’s promising everything but he's doing nothing. With Bibi he gave Hebron, he gave Jericho [to the PA]. He supported the transfer of Jews from the north of Samaria. He didn't allow for building in East Jerusalem in the last 10 years. He froze the building for Jews in East Jerusalem. He didn't build E1 between Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem. He didn't touch the illegal buildings of Arabs in Judea and Samaria. He allowed the Bedouins in the Negev to do whatever they wanted.”

He continues: “I’m not saying Bibi is not the leader of the right wing. He is. He’s the leader of the right wing coalition political bloc but he’s not a right wing guy. Let’s be very clear. He is centrist and is willing to compromise with our enemies sometimes and this is why I’m saluting [Religious Zionist Party leader] Bezalel Smotrich for what he’s doing.”

According to him, “[Smotrich] is trying his best in order to get things in writing with Bibi Netanyahu on a coalition that would be very clear on what its direction would be.”

He emphasizes that the results of the election were clear and demonstrated that the majority of Israel wants a right wing government.

“Smotrich wants to be sure that the next government will really implement the promises that they gave to the people when they campaigned,” he says.

Speaking about where Jerusalem is headed today as a municipality, he notes that the city is under major constructions, with new roads, including Route 16 from Tel Aviv.

They are also working on constructing new office space so that all government offices can be in the city.

“It changes the entire transportation arena of Jerusalem. We are working now on a new tunnel to Jericho and to the Dead Sea underground without going up into the French Hill so it will also make fewer traffic jams every morning and every afternoon in the north area of Jerusalem," he says. "This is about transportation and building. We are building millions of square meters at the entrance of town for offices and we are bringing all the offices of the government, all of them need to be in Jerusalem but there’s [currently] not enough office space in Jerusalem for all the offices.”