Footage of the bombing
Footage of the bombing No credit

On Wednesday, Kan News reported that a group of Iranian hackers known as "Mateh Moshe" published new footage from one of the bombing attacks in Jerusalem that morning, supposedly from the city's own security cameras. It has now become clear that the internal systems of a major Israeli security firm were breached in the attack.

Furthermore, although the Iranian hackers succeeded in obtaining the sensitive footage, Israeli investigators remained unable to access it as the cameras at the city's entrance, where the attack took place, were not operational at the time of the attack.

Kan quoted the Jerusalem municipality: "The video clip which was published was not filmed using our cameras."

Meanwhile, the hackers themselves publicized a message on Telegram saying, "For a long time already we have had control over all of your activities. Step by step, and moment by moment. This is just the tip of our control over your activities, by means of access to security cameras. We said in the past that we would strike at a time and at a place which you would not expect."

Previously, the group took responsibility for activating air raid sirens in Eilat and Jerusalem, and published personal details of hundreds of IDF soldiers.

Kan quoted a security source as warning that, "If it becomes clear that the terrorist attack emanated from the Gaza Strip, there will be a price to pay." Meanwhile, it is believed that the terrorists hold Israeli citizenship and are residents of Jerusalem, which is suggested by the location of the attacks as well as other factors which have not been released for publication.

Meanwhile, over 12 hours after the attacks, Israel's security forces still do not know who carried out the attacks and which terror group they belong to, Kan 11 News reported.

Security sources added that the dearth of information underscores the intelligence failures in connection with the attack, which was evidently planned by a cell that has experience in producing explosive devices.

As the investigation into the bombings continues, emphasis has been placed on intelligence - activating agents, security cameras, and additional technological means. Footage from the scenes of the attacks has been transferred to the police, but none of it clearly shows any suspicious figures connected to the attacks.