Shirts with PLO symbols
Shirts with PLO symbols Photo: No Credit

Jewish students at the Sapir College were shocked Wednesday morning to discover a stand selling shirts with writing in Arabic, showing the map of the Land of Israel according to the PLO terrorist organization, with the names of the cities written in Arabic and without the Golan Heights.

The students discovered that the sale of the shirts was part of an event held for Bedouin Arab students. It later became clear that this was a nationalist event for "Palestinian" heritage.

Dov Trachtman, a student at Sapir College and an activist with the Im Tirtzu organization, said: "It is strange that on the day of a terrorist attack, anti-Israeli nationalist voices were given a platform and expression at Sapir College."

He emphasized, "It is inappropriate for a college that receives a budget from the State of Israel to sell symbols of terrorist organizations."

Sapir College is near Sderot in the south.