Gafni Flash 90

Degel HaTorah chairman MK Moshe Gafni met Tuesday with Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud MK Yariv Levin.

The meeting was held after the United Torah Judaism party announced last night that it was freezing coalition negotiations with the Likud over the distribution of portfolios.

Earlier on Tuesday, Gafni attacked outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid for his condemnation of the separation of men and women in public spaces: "I was shocked by Lapid's words," Gafni said. "Lapid claims he wants to take care of haredi women. A haredi woman will not go to an event where there is no separation between men and women. What do those who are suddenly speaking against this want? That women should sit at home?" Gafni told Channel 2 News.

"When we talk about gender separation, we are talking about those who ask for it. There is no separation for those who don't want it. Alll we seek to do is preserve the current situation. There is no increase in the salaries of yeshiva students. They can say that we don't need to study Torah and we can argue about that, but they are lying about the money."

Gafni also noted that those now attacking the haredi parties made many financial promises to entice them to join the previous government before it collapsed.

Addressing his then-upcoming meeting with Netanyahu and Levin, Gafni said: "I'm angry because those who shout the loudest get the most portfolios. I will be discussing this with Netanyahu and Levin."