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In a letter sent by CEO of Im Tirtzu, Matan Peleg, to Minister of Public Security, Omar Bar Lev and to representatives from the Israeli Prison Service, Peleg demands from them “to stop terrorist’s viewing parties of the World Cup.)

"Four and a half years ago, the Minister of Internal Security at the time, Ambassador Gilad Erdan, forbade the imprisoned terrorists from watching the games. It was announced in the media that despite the ban, in practice the ban only existed for Hamas terrorists - and the Fatah terrorists were allowed to watch, and they (Hamas terrorists) also managed to bypass the ban and watch the games. There is no disputing that those who choose the path of terrorism should not enjoy the most important sports competitions in the world. While the bodies of IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians are being held captive by Hamas, while terrorists from Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and others are trying every day to murder Israeli citizens and our fighters, it is absolutely forbidden to allow them to enjoy watching the World Cup.

We are contacting you to make sure that the procedure of not watching the games will also take place during the upcoming World Cup, but this time it will apply to all terrorists in prisons and not only to the prisoners of the Hamas terrorist organization. Also, in response to a freedom of information request submitted to the Im Tirtzu in February 2021, it was explicitly stated that there is full supervision of the channels and viewing of the World Cup can be banned.”