Carmel Shama Hacohen
Carmel Shama HacohenMoshe Shai/Flash 90

The Mayor of Ramat Gan, Carmel Shama Hacohen, revealed on Monday evening that he is the mayor who was interrogated by the Israel Tax Authority.

Shama Hacohen was interrogated with his wife starting on Monday morning, and both were released to their home under restrictive conditions in the evening.

While media reports initially did not name Shama Hacohen as the mayor who was interrogated, Shama Hacohen took to Facebook on Monday evening and revealed this of his own will.

"I am relinquishing the gag order and if I were allowed, I would share the full details of my interrogation today with the Tax Authority. It is me and I have nothing to hide," he wrote.

He said he was not asked in the interrogation about the Ramat Gan municipality or his previous public positions. "The investigation concerns my private affairs related to the reports of a company, which I established 24 years ago and which I resigned from managing 13 years ago in accordance my obligations as a member of the Knesset."

"In addition, I was asked about income from private apartments owned by me and owned by my family," said Shama Hacohen, who clarified that he cooperated with the investigators and naturally could not elaborate on the matter at this stage.

"To all those who care and support, thank you very much and I believe that the truth will prevail here as well. Even on this unpleasant day, I continue to believe in the legal authorities and that, once they examine the matter, they will come to the conclusion that the case should be closed. Already tomorrow morning, I will be returning to work around the clock for you," stated the mayor.