Injured woman next to car that was hit
Injured woman next to car that was hitNo credit

Palestinian Arabs on Monday evening threw rocks at Israeli vehicles on Route 446, near town of Ni'lin, west of Ramallah. A woman was lightly injured from shrapnel and continued driving to the Hasmonaim checkpoint.

Israel Gantz, head of the Binyamin Regional Council, spoke to the woman who was injured and said that "the times when the citizens of the country go about their daily routine and are injured by enemies who try to kill us would pass from this world in a reformed country. The incoming government should have a policy of zero tolerance starting with the first rock."

Following the rock attack, dozens of residents from towns in the Binyamin region protested near the entrance to Ni’lin, from where the terrorists came. The residents demanded that the defense establishment take an approach of zero tolerance against the Arab terrorism that has been rampant in the area in recent times.

תושבים מפגינים נגד טרור האבנים בכניסה לכפר נעלין

The "Zero Terrorist Incidents" headquarters, which organized the protests, said, "We welcome the public awakening that is increasing every day. Every week that passes, more and more residents realize that we have no choice but to take our fate in our hands, and go out to fight for personal security."

"The reality in recent months has proven beyond any doubt that wherever residents came out to demonstrate and fought resolutely against terrorism, the IDF woke up and took a series of comprehensive actions that significantly and clearly reduced the incidents of terrorism. We will continue and fight until the goal of zero terrorist incidents on the roads is achieved."