Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
Yehudit Katsover and Nadia MatarIsrael National News

Refusal to include steps toward sovereignty in the fundamental guidelines is inconceivable. Repudiation of the promises of sovereignty is not a possibility.

As is typical in days following elections, these days, too, are rife with spins, rumors, accusations and arm wrestling. That is why we must take every report, every tweet, and every news item with a grain of salt and with the utmost caution.

However, ignoring and turning a blind eye to the trends emerging from these reports can be risky. We do not want to be roused to reaction after it is already too late and after we find Israel again muddling through with a policy like the one of the previous government – weak, defensive, and hurtling toward establishment of a Palestinian state.

That is why it is incumbent upon us to once again remind those conducting the coalition negotiations of the principle that should guide these talks: A large majority of the people of Israel voted for a different policy - A return to the values ​​of Judaism, Zionism, sovereignty and governance.

All the parties of the next coalition are obligated to take action to implement the will of the people. This is the clearest most basic democratic principle of all.

Prime Minister-designate Netanyahu has repeatedly proclaimed his desire to promote Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, to lead the resolute struggle against Arab takeover of State lands in Judea and Samaria, and to block in any way possible the advancement of the idea of ​​establishing an enemy state in our country’s heartland, which, until now, he has succeeded in blocking.

Likewise, he declared his intent to establish a government powerful enough to stand up to the United States, our great friend, and say “no” to the administration’s demands when they compromise Israel’s sovereignty, independence and security. It was those declarations that excited the multitudes of voters and brought them to the polls in the hope of replacing the outgoing government as soon as possible. It was these promises that accorded the Right its great victory.

Prime Minister-designate Netanyahu’s statements regarding the steps he planned to promote to apply sovereignty despite the opposition of the American administration are well-remembered along with his assertion that it was only the subversion of left-wing elements who interceded with the White House behind his back which prevented this.

His promises to apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and thereby determine Israel’s eastern border based on a broad national consensus are also remembered.

His statements about the indivisible unity of Jerusalem, in contrast to the dangerous positions of the Left, are similarly remembered.

This is precisely what the people of Israel voted for. For all these reasons, the negotiation teams must remember the essence of the people’s choice: the full-fledged Right is the fulfillment of the vision of sovereignty and the urgency of governance.

And thus it is inconceivable that the negotiating team would refuse to include the goal of sovereignty in the fundamental guidelines of the government.

The call for sovereignty embodies the realization of the Zionist vision of being a free and sovereign people in its own land. The application of sovereignty will put an end to the political hesitancy surrounding our historical inheritance and will crush the Arab dream of establishing a state on the ruins The significance of applying sovereignty is the end of the conflict and rectification of the mistake of 1967.
of Israel.

The significance of applying sovereignty is the end of the conflict and rectification of the mistake of 1967. It is the policy of hesitancy and alarm that led Israel’s leaders to refrain from deciding the issue of the future of Judea and Samaria as an inseparable part of the State of Israel that projected weakness regarding sovereignty over the entire country. That weakness became wind in the sails of the ship of Arab terror that strives with all its might for establishment of a Palestinian state.

This application of sovereignty is precisely the vision for which a vast majority of the Jewish people voted. The incoming government has the power to implement this vision.

Promoting sovereignty is not submission to the demands of a small party, but implementation of the path and aspirations of a great people.