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An IDF soldier from the city of Modi'in Illit was arrested by the police on suspicion of assaulting a female Border Police officer in Hebron this past Shabbat.

He allegedly pulled her hair, attacked her with his fists and poked a finger in her eye.

The suspect was brought to court today (Monday) for the purpose of the extension of his detention. The police asked for four additional days, but the court extended the detention by three days.

According to the police, the suspect was on his way with his friends to the grave of the Biblical Judge Otniel Ben Kenaz, whose traditional burial site is in Hebron.

Along the way they allegedly sought to attack an Arab-owned house. They were stopped by a Border Police officer who demanded that they stay away from the residence.

The suspect refused to leave and attacked the officer.

The suspect claims that he did not deliberately strike the officer, but accidentally hit her as he was falling.

The suspect's attorney asked why the police have not released security footage of the incident.

Judge Amir Shaked said in his decision that "the respondent admits to what he is accused of but not to the circumstances - as according to him it was during the incident when he fell a that female security guard was injured and it was not on purpose. The respondent is a regular soldier with no criminal record."

According to the judge, "In light of the investigative actions that the police intend to carry out, as well as in light of the danger posed by the respondent, it is not possible at this time to order his release as an alternative to arrest."