Yair Lapid
Yair LapidElad Gutman

Outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid attacked the incoming government as 'extremist' during the weekly Yesh Atid faction meeting Monday.

"This is not going to be a government that the extremists sit in, this is going to be a government that the extremists control. Full control. They will make us into a third world country. We will be at conflict with the Americans and at conflict with ourselves. Ben-Gvir, who has been investigated by the Shabak and the police, will be responsible for the Shabak and the police," Lapid said.

He added, "I want to ask Likud voters: Is this what you wanted? Is that why you voted for the Likud? So that they would take money from the soldiers and give it to yeshiva students? You are going to be a minority in this government. A minority of army servants, a minority of the middle class, a minority of those who believe in a moderate Jewish tradition that embraces every person with a warm welcome."

"The new government has not yet been formed yet, but it already has made decisions: Yeshiva students will receive more money than IDF soldiers . Smotrich wants to ban soccer on Saturdays. A law will be enacted to separate men and women in the public space. The State of Israel is a Jewish state, not a halakhic state," he said.

Lapid vowed to fight the actions of the incoming government. “If someone asks where we will be – we will be here in the Knesset day and night, we will be in the streets, we will be in the town squares, we will be on the bridges. We will not be silent, we will not disappear, we will not give up, we are fighting for the future of our children.”