One Iranian fan at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar agreed to speak with Israel-based channel i24NEWS.

In an interesting twist, the fan said many in his country were hoping the national team lost to England in its opening match. Later in the day, the British side did indeed come out on top, outclassing their opponents 6-2.

"People are all the same," says the fan after being told the journalist interviewing him is from Israel. "It's the regimes that are against each other. I'm OK with you."

The reporter tells the fan that other Iranians he'd met had refused to speak to him after discovering he was Israeli. "They think the same as me (they don't hate Jews) but are afraid of getting in trouble upon their return home," he points out.

"Most [people I know] want the national team to lose to England...because they believe that the team is run by the regime," adds the fan.