Tzvika Fogel
Tzvika FogelYonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Tzvika Fogel (Otzma Yehudit) on Monday morning clarified that his party is willing to sit in the opposition, if need be, and will not compromise on its promises to its voters.

In an interview with 103 FM Radio, Fogel said, "The Negev, Galilee, and Social Periphery portfolio was very important to us, and it was agreed in a very clear fashion with the Likud that it was our portfolio."

"Yesterday something happened. We can't exactly say what, but according to the updates I received, something happened yesterday that we cannot exactly explain, and this portfolio suddenly disappeared. "This portfolio is not yours,' and that was it. I do not intend to hide things that can be said to the public, that is not something we know, and therefore [Otzma Yehudit chair MK] Itamar [Ben-Gvir] and the staff decided, 'Let's stop.' If this is how it's going, let's stop and see where it's going. We are committed to the public who voted for us."

Fogel clarified that his party will not compromise on its demand: "In order to keep our promises to the public in this elections campaign, and to really respect the faith of the public, which we received, if that means that we will sit in the opposition - we will sit in the opposition. I am not afraid of that."

At he same time, he emphasized, "We do not want to sit in the opposition, we want to keep the promises which we made. If I am not able to keep the promises that I made to the public, I do not intend to sit in the seat, I am not there for the position - I am there in order to keep promises. If we cannot receive the portfolios which will allow us to keep the promises, we will not be there. We insisted on the Public Security Ministry and on the Negev, Galilee, and Social Periphery Ministry. Right now, one of the two isn't ours."