Arab Violance
Arab Violance צילום: Shutterstock

The Ahavat Chinam Organization tells the story of Sarah.

Another terrifying morning in hell. Sarah, a kidnapped young Jewish woman, is given a meager breakfast by her tormentors. She looks around the dirty, tiny room where she is being kept and longs for home.

Her captors are rough, young Arab men. They are holding her because a Jewish girl can bring a good ransom.

Little do they know - Nobody cares about Sara. Well, almost nobody.

Sarah grew up in a religious family in Jerusalem. She struggled as a teenager and was kicked out of school for not “fitting the mold.” Her parents harshly kicked her out as well. She lived on the streets, fell in with a bad crowd, and that’s how she wound up where she is now: Fighting for her life.

The Ahavat Chinam Organization helps young Jewish people who have been disowned by their family. Sarah’s parents may not care to save her from her kidnappers, but Ahavat Chinam does. And they’re asking for your help to release her, before it is too late.