Eyal Hulta
Eyal Hultaצילום: גלעד קוולרצ'יק

The outgoing National Security Council chief, Dr. Eyal Hulta called out the international community's inaction regarding the protests in Iran, Israel Hayom reported.

"Many speakers stated on this stage 'enough'. Enough with the failing nuclear talks in Viena, while they are advancing their nuclear program. Enough with Iran's manipulation and its ignoring of supervisors from the atomic energy board. Enough with closing our eyes while they smuggle arms to terrorists in the area and enough with the hope that this corrupt regime will act nicely. Even the people of Iran say 'enough'," stated Hulta at an international INSS conference in Bahrain.

"How can the international community ignore the Iranian people while as they become a target, are abused, arrested, and killed for demanding freedom in their homeland?" he continued.

The NSC chief listed several offensive actions taken by Iran over the past year, in the Persian Gulf as well as "against civilian infrastructure in Albania, which is a NATO member, and against Ukraine. Iran also works in German, France, and the United States, and of course against Israel. All these years they were against us. This year they turned against the Iranian people."

Hulta addressed the crowd in Farsi, stating: "I know that anything I say as an Israeli will be considered political. Anything bad that happens in Iran is blamed on us Israelis. But it's not about us. It's about freedom. Personally, as a son of a woman who was exiled from Iran, I send a direct message to the brave people of Iran, 'Zan, Zangadi, Azadi!'- Woman, Life, Freedom!"