The UN’s Middle East envoy, Tor Wennesland, on Saturday condemned the clashes in Hebron between Israeli citizens and Palestinian Arabs.

“I condemn today’s violent attacks by Israeli extremists against Palestinian residents in the Old City of Hebron. Such acts may aggravate an already tense environment. All have a responsibility to act against extremists & to speak out against all acts of violence and incitement,” he tweeted.

Over ten thousand Jews spent Shabbat in Hebron and Kiryat Arba this week, commemorating the purchase of the Cave of the Patriarchs, the story of which was read in this week's Torah portion.

Over Shabbat, Arabs and Jews clashed in Hebron, and some Jewish worshipers were attacked. In one incident, an IDF soldier was attacked by an Israeli civilian in Hebron, during the security and escort of worshipers to Othniel Ben Kenaz’s Tomb.

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi strongly condemned the attack on an IDF soldier earlier.

"This is a very serious event," Kochavi said. "It cannot be that an Israeli civilian will violently attack IDF soldiers who operate to protect and keep civilians safe. This shameful and criminal behavior requires a rapid lawful response."

Prime Minister Yair Lapid responded, "The attack on a female IDF soldier is a national disgrace. This is an attack on Israel's security. This is an immoral attack against the Israel Defense Forces and against those who protect our lives. This is a serious criminal offense. This evening, I stand by the soldiers of the IDF who are defending our country. We will bring the perpetrators to justice."