Donald Trump
Donald Trump REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Former US President Donald Trump spoke on Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition event in Las Vegas, saying once again that American Jewish people “don’t appreciate” his Israel policies.

Trump told the crowd that “Jewish people don’t appreciate Israel the way they should,” as quoted by The Independent.

Trump came under fire in September after he criticized US Jews on his Truth Social platform and asserted that they do not appreciate what he has done for Israel.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre later responded to Trump and said, "Donald Trump’s comments were antisemitic and insulting, both to Jews and our Israeli allies. We need to root out antisemitism everywhere it rears its ugly head. We need to call this out."

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, said he did not think Trump’s remarks amounted to antisemitism.

In Saturday’s remarks, the former President criticized the Biden administration and the Democratic Party's posture toward Israel.

Trump, according to Haaretz, called the current bilateral relationship “a very bad one. They don't even listen to your leaders.” He further criticized Democratic members of Congress, saying Democratic lawmakers critical of Israel are more powerful than their pro-Israel counterparts.

He further attacked the Biden administration to build upon the Abraham Accords, saying under his administration “we would have had maybe all of them, that includes Saudi Arabia, within a short time after the election. They haven’t signed any of them. We could have truly had peace in the Middle East.”

He also noted applause that his administration had cut US financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority, much of which has since been restored by the Biden administration.

On another subject, Trump said he “always liked” Elon Musk when asked about his thoughts on the new owner of Twitter.

“He’s a character and I tend to like characters, but he’s smart,” he said, according to The Independent.

However, he said “I don’t see any reason” when asked if he will return to the platform. Trump said he prefers his Truth Social, where he gets better “engagement.”