Herzog visits bereaved family in Kiryat Netafim
Herzog visits bereaved family in Kiryat NetafimRo'ee Hadi

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Friday morning visited the Samaria town of Kiryat Netafim, paying condolences to the family of terror victim Tamir Avichai, who was murdered Tuesday in a terror attack near Ariel.

"I heard that your father, was a smiling person who was full of energy," Herzog told the bereaved family. "I hear conversations about him, and it is impressive to hear what an amazing family member you had.... He was an amazing person."

Avichai's children and relatives told Herzog that the murder was able to happen because "of the rules of engagement, the fact that they did not replace the checkpoints, the sorry pay security guards receive, and that we are more considerate of the enemy's quality of life than of citizens' lives."

Herzog responded, "The battle against terror is the State of Israel's number one priority, and we fight it every single night, and IDF soldiers enter every area. It brings no comfort and no one is making light of it. This is true - we need to think about more ways in which we could have done differently, and examine what the circumstances were."

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan told Herzog: "We appreciate your coming. You are the President [our] entire people, including of the residents of Samaria. In recent days, the people of Israel have become aware of a special and noble family, this family, which is a shining example for the entire people of Israel."

"The cries which were heard here are real and authentic cries over the loss of governance and deterrence in Samaria, in the Negev, and everywhere. It [all stems from] the same root, we must make a change in thinking. The lives of the citizens are more important than the enemy's quality of life. We must restore deterrence. We need a determined military operation which will restore deterrence. We will draw strength from this pain, we will build the Land of Israel and Samaria."