Michael Puah
Michael Puah Elchanan Gutwirt
Translated, abridged and adapted by Chaya Chava Shulman and Arutz Sheva editors

Well known Israeli investigative journalist Kalman Liebeskind's investigation of the Shin Bet's interrogation of A is shocking for the senselessness and insensitivity it exposed.

A., the father of three children, protected and saved a group of children from a bloodthirsty Arab mob near the town of Ariel in the Shomron.

Before continuing, we want it to be clear that we do not doubt A's words and say to him : "We believe you, A. We believe your harsh descriptions of the unjustified treatment and false accusations you suffered. And no, we do not believe the Shabak Jewish Section, the part of that organization created to infiltrate Jewish communities, the rest of which organization we adulate as the good guys who save our country. We are ashamed of that section when they use their power to despicably hound innocent people."

The Shin Bet Jewish Section's intoxication with power has caused this revered body to decline to a morass of irrational ruthlessness. The sole goal of their investigations is to bring the results they desire at any cost, via any means, without real regard for truth. They have lost their humanity, their credibility, and their ability to conduct fair investigations. They have no hesitations about abusing an innocent person such a A., whose crime in the view of the left-leaning Shabak was saving a group of children from a brutal Arab attack.

When a national agency such as the Shabak stoops to this level, we can not be silent. Despite being an honorable agency which investigates terrorists and prevents countless terror attacks, they have allowed the Jewish Section to become an agency which tortures innocent people to force them to confess to false accusations. Instead of providing support to victims of traumatic attacks such as A, they reverse reality, pounce on those who defend themselves, and treat them as if they were the perpetrators.

The Shabak Jewish Section seems to operate from a distorted world view. They try to force their victims to fit into their skewed perspectives, conducting skewed investigations, viewing the victims as the criminals, and forcing them to conform to this narrative.. The objective is not truth, but eliciting confessions to fit their preconceptions.

The investigations that led Amiram Ben Uliel to confess to the arson in Duma were based on weeks of torture. That he was tortured is a fact, accepted as truth by the court. His confession contradicts so many facts, that his innocence was clear to anyone who read the story carefully .The torture of Amiram was much more cruel than that of A, of course. For two weeks, the Shin Bet interrogated Amiram in a similar manner as A. When they didn't get the results they were looking for, the Shin Bet moved up to levels of actual torture to force Amiram to confess to a crime he did not commit. His later denials were ignored.

It is important to note that not only do the investigations of the Jewish Section have zero credibility, they should invalidate the confessions which result from torture, as is the case in democratic societies, and create a complete lack of trust in this agency's tactics and results.

The Shin Bet Jewsih Section needs a total overhaul or needs to be abolished, but there is no point in demanding that either the Shin Bet or the Israel Police investigate their own. What we need is a civilian committee vested with full investigative powers, to which the Shin Bet will have to answer with full transparency on its problematic Jewish Section..

Perhaps a new quality body should be created that will be run in a lawful manner, manned by moral and professional staff, free of the leftist and distorted world views which have permeated the Jewish Section as a result of the Oslo Accords. .

Michael Puahis a Zionist activist and heads an organization for strengthening the family.