Michael Shainsky, of Ofek Yisraeli, an organization that promotes immigration to the Jewish State, told Arutz Sheva - Israel National News that he "puts people on the ground" to encourage a deep connection with Israel for individuals who, "may not even be aware of their Jewish roots."

"We pray for the ingathering of Exiles and by brining Jews back to Israel we make that dream come true," he points out, adding: "We open future possibilities for them and their children using seminars, information nights, big fairs in which we connect future immigrants to local municipalities in Israel and employment opportunities. "Every person finds their way to connect whether it's their Jewish identity, Zionist vision, financial or educational opportunities, or their children's future."

Addressing Russia's claims that the Jewish Agency was involved in pressuring local Jews to leave the country, Shainsky clarifies that his organization does not "act like missionary groups." "We provide them information about the [move to Israel]. If they're interested in further information, we give them that, and accompany them up to the moment they board the plane."

"We operate in almost 30 countries ranging from South America to Eastern Europe," he points out. "We also work with specific communities like Russian Americans, who are not necessarily influenced by other organizations. We work with different groups of immigrants and prepare them as best we can for their future lives in Israel."

Regarding Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Israel out of fear for their lives instead of ideological reasons, Shainsky says his organization, "brings people to the [Ukrainian] border" and assists with every aspect of the immigration process. "We're proud to have them here," since "they could have chosen any country in Europe," "and will do our best to make them feel at home."

"We are hoping for at least 50,000 new Olim over the coming year and will make sure that anyone interested in coming will make it here in Israel," concludes Shainsky.