Lloyd Austin and Benny Gantz
Lloyd Austin and Benny GantzShmulik Almani

Defense Minister Benny Gantz spoke on Thursday evening with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Gantz thanked the Secretary of Defense for strengthening cooperation and for lending an attentive ear in dozens of dialogues between the two countries’ defense establishments and with him personally during the past two years.

He stressed the significant achievements in strengthening cooperation under CENTCOM, the unprecedented US provision of aid to Israel, and the construction of the regional architecture.

The Defense Minister also pointed out the fact that Iran's recent actions prove once again that it is first and foremost a strategic threat to the world and the region, and that strengthening cooperation against it is needed now more than ever.

Gantz told Austin that he considered him a personal friend, but also a true friend of the State of Israel, and wanted to thank him for his and the administration's commitment to Israel's security, based on shared values ​​and interests.