Fire (archive)
Fire (archive)Reuters

At least 21 people died in a fire that broke out on Thursday evening in the city of Jabalia, located in the northern Gaza Strip.

The fire broke out, for a reason that has not yet been clarified, during a party held by the Abu Raya family on the occasion of the return of the father of the family from a long stay abroad.

Gazan firefighters who were called to the scene were unable to rescue people who were trapped as a result of the fire, but were able to extinguish the flames after prolonged efforts.

Following the disaster in the Gaza Strip, Israel offered the Palestinian Arabs assistance in evacuating the injured from the Gaza Strip to Judea and Samaria through the Erez crossing. At the same time, the Palestinian Authority official in charge of health ordered the hospitals in Judea and Samaria to prepare to receive injured people who will be transferred from Gaza for treatment.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued a statement that read, “The State of Israel and defense establishment send our condolences following the tragic incident in Gaza. We have offered our assistance in evacuating injured civilians to hospitals via COGAT. The State of Israel is prepared to provide life-saving, medical aid to Gaza residents.”