Ron Dermer
Ron Dermerצילום: שריה דיאמנט, מקור ראשון

The top contender for the Foreign Ministry portfolio sparked controversy Thursday night, after Israeli media outlets publicized comments made during a podcast earlier this year.

In a podcast published by the Diplomatically Incorrect podcast on August 26th, former Israeli ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, excoriated the Biden administration’s foreign policy, in particular its support for restoring the Iran nuclear deal.

“The Israeli policy makers don’t seem to understand there is no plan B, because they [the Biden administration] are opposed to any kind of military confrontation, so they’re not going to work with Israel. They’re not going to work seriously with Israel for contingency planning, except to handcuff Israel from doing a military operation.”

“The maximum that this deal holds is seven or eight years. By then they can enrich as much uranium as they want. Not for one bomb, not for five bombs, but for a hundred nuclear bombs.”

“Have a sense of honor! You’re the superpower of the world, and an eighth-rate power is trying to kill people on your soil and you are sitting down and negotiating with them?”