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The BBC is facing intense criticism for broadcasting Palestinian Arab folk songs that encourage violence against Jews, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

The songs reportedly included lyrics that called for attacks on Jews and glorified terror groups. The songs included one with 36 million views on the BBC’s Arab language service that is dedicated to Palestinian terrorists.

The lyrics of the song, translated by the watchdog organization Camera Arabic, include the lines: “The force in your hand is your right. Don’t leave your weapon in its sheath… From the Jerusalem mountains and from the plain, your blood, should it be shed on the earth, would make red freedom bloom.”

While the song is being played, a BBC presenter is shown in the video nodding along as he films the performance with his phone. The song was aired by the BBC Xtra show’s “Nakba Day” episode in May 2022.

In another case, a song was broadcast by the BBC’s Arabic division that speaks of a terrorist visiting his mother before committing an attack.

None of the songs were ever criticized on air by the BBC for their inflammatory content.

Lord Carlile, the British government’s former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, told the news outlet that the songs were apt to “give succor and encouragement to extremists.”

The BBC has also faced a barrage of criticism that the broadcaster has taken months to respond to complaints about biased coverage of Israel and Jews by its Arabic language division, with reports of around half of the complaints it receives not being responded to.