Lihi Lapid, the wife of outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid, sent a cease and desist notice to an individual who published a video that gives the impression that Lihi believes in the divinity of Jesus and is a "Hebrew Christian" or a Messianic Jew.

In her notice, Lapid demanded reparations of 100 thousand NIS from the individual, in addition to him deleting the video and publishing an apology video to his YouTube channel and Twitter account. If he does not comply, she warns that she will file a defamation suit for unlimited reparations.

According to a report in Israel Hayom, the notice states that the individual published a video on his YouTube channel that included a claim that Lihi Lapid believes in the divinity of Jesus.

"The video that you published to your YouTube, which received nearly 30,000 views, is a work of baseless and malicious conspiracy theories," the notice stated.

In addition, Lapid sent a notice to a Twitter user who claimed that Mrs. Lapid is a Christian and edited a photo of her to appear that she is wearing a cross. In addition to deleting the tweet, Lapid is demanding 10,000 NIS in reparations from the Twitter user.