shooting at house in Shaked
shooting at house in Shaked spokesperson

A house in the Samaria town of Shaked was struck by gunfire from the Arab village of Tura al-Gharbiya.

There were no casualties in the incident. IDF forces are searching the area for the shooters.

This is the third time a house in Shaked has been struck by gunfire in recent months.

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan spoke with the family whose house was struck and demanded that the government and security forces launch an operation to root out the terrorists and prevent such shootings from being carried out in the future.

"We are standing together against a barbaric, vile and cowardly enemy, who is shooting at houses from afar. The people of Israel are a strong people, the settlements in Samaria are strong and together we will win," Dagan said.

"We are facing a wave of terrorism led, incited and financed by the terrorist in a suit Abu Mazen (PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas) and his fellow terrorists from the Palestinian Authority. Another shooting attack in the settlement of Shaked. The repeated shooting attacks emanating from the village of the murderers, Tura al-Gharbiya, where the murderer of Esther Horgan came from just under two years ago. We must eradicate terrorism and go on the offensive."

"The Israeli government must launch a military operation today, today and not tomorrow, collect all the weapons, dismantle the terrorist infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority and put an end to the attacks. We must go on the attack, and bring deterrence. I repeat and warn, hesitation and foot-dragging will not stop terrorism! Only going on the offensive will put an end to the attacks, it has already cost us blood this week, and G-d forbid it could cost more blood, we will not agree to that," concluded Dagan.