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Oil tanker (Archive)ISTOCK

Israeli officials denied that the tanker which was attacked by an Iranian-drone off the coast of Oman Wednesday is owned by an Israeli company and was not attacked due to a connection to Israel.

The vessel, the 'Pacific Zircon,' was reportedly owned by Israeli businessman Idan Ofer, and sailed under the Liberian flag. However, the officials said that the Israeli connection to the vessel is very small and the attack is not related directly to Iran's conflict with Israel.

The officials noted that the attack on the tanker is further proof of Iran's role as a global exporter of terrorism and the threat it represents to global freedom of navigation.

They further noted that the missile used by the drone is the same type of weapon used by the Russian military in its war against Ukraine.

The officials also stated that the attack was meant, among other things, to divert attention from Iran's failed attempt to assassinate an Israeli businessman in the Republic of Georgia. The undermining of security in the Persian Gulf also serves to undermine stability during the Fifa World Cup, which is being held in Qatar.