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Win a $1,000,000 Apartment Located in the Heart of Jerusalem!

The prize everyone’s talking about – a $1,000,000 luxury Jerusalem apartment, complete with views of Har Habayis and a central location, can be yours to win!

That’s right. is all about making your dream into a reality – which is why we’re offering you the chance to win your dream apartment in Jerusalem!

To date, four individuals have had the good fortune to win this incredible prize over the past four years. Now, you may very well be the fifth lucky winner!

Entering to win The Dream Raffle not only provides a chance to win your dream apartment – it also allows you to support the incredible organization famously known as Am Yisrael Chai.

All raffle proceeds go on to fund the vital work performed by Am Yisrael Chai on behalf of the people of Israel, with this year’s focus on building Israel’s first Search and Rescue (SAR) Center. SAR works tirelessly 24/7 to be the first responders when crisis strikes and needs a centrally located home base to host their life-saving equipment and tools including helicopters, drones, rescue specialists, and more. SAR and Am Yisrael Chai need your help to keep saving lives across the entire land of Israel.

Enter today and receive special 2-for-1 pricing: 2 tickets for $360 $180

Tickets can be purchased at

Congratulations to our previous Dream Raffle winners thus far:

  • Michael “Mike” Cohen of San Diego, California
  • Meyer Reichman of West Orange, New Jersey
  • David Rotfleish of Toronto, Canada
  • Don Wisniewski of Waipahu, Hawaii

Dream Raffle 2021 - Summary - with Hebrew subtitles from Am Yisrael Chai Fund on Vimeo.

You might just be the next lucky winner! Make your dream into a reality!