Yaffa Deri
Yaffa DeriYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Yaffa Deri, the wife of Shas chief Aryeh Deri, on Tuesday morning told Kan Reshet Bet that her husband is firm in his decision to take the Finance Ministry.

"Aryeh will not take the Defense [Ministry]," she said. "Certainly, he could be appropriate for it. He will not take it, because it is not his place. He wants to help the weaker sectors. From his perspective, he is going to the Finance [Ministry]."

When asked what she would tell those who are concerned about her husband returning to a position in the government after his conviction, Yaffa said, "This is part of the persecution against him. What happened then, was persecution for the sake of persecution. All of the sources on the left were afraid and made sure he would get to that place."

When asked who was responsible for persecuting her husband, Yaffa responded, "Don't try to confuse me. And this is the reason we need the Override Clause."

The Override Clause is an amendment to the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. If passed, it would allow the Knesset to reenact a law that was rejected by the Supreme Court, subject to the condition that the final version of the law will establish the ability of a 61-MK majority to enact overriding legislation.

Shas, along with the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party, has insisted that the clause be passed immediately after the formation of the next government.