soldiers at Shu'afat checkpoint after shooting
soldiers at Shu'afat checkpoint after shooting Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The findings of the investigation into the shooting attack at the Shu'afat Checkpoint in which the late Sergeant Noa Lazar was murdered were presented Monday to IDF Chief of Staff Avi Kochavi, Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai and Minister of Public Security Omer Barlev by Border Police Chief Amir Cohen.

The investigation identified multiple failures in the routine operation of the checkpoint, which affected the speed and quality of the response to the shooting as it occurred. Officers at the checkpoint failed to make contact with the shooter quickly. In addition, the way the pedestrian traffic was handled at the crossing was found to be deficient and resulted in the terrorist being able to exit his vehicle and escape from the scene.

It was also found that, although three of the Border Police officers at the crossing shot at the terrorist, the officers present did not react not as expected and in accordance with the values ​​of the Border Police.

Following the findings of the investigation, the commander of the Border Police decided to take disciplinary measures, including the discharge of three police officers for non-compliance with the values ​​of the Border Police, the removal of a Border Police officer from their command position for one year, and the issuing of a command note to the company and battalion commanders of the Border Police.

The chief of the Border Police also ordered the implementation of new procedures at checkpoints to prevent a similar event from taking place in the future, including new training for officers in charge of the checkpoints, the installation of new technological means at checkpoints, and a stricter mechanism for supervision of checkpoints.

The Chief of Staff accepted the conclusions of the investigation and concluded that the results were painful and difficult. He also stated that "the soldiers in the incident were expected to strive for contact, and they acted in a manner that is not in line with what is expected of any soldier in the security system. The Chief of Staff detailed a series of lessons to be learned from the incident, both with regard to the ongoing operation of the crossing, and with regard to the competence and practices required of the soldiers."

Kochavi said: "The work of the security forces at the crossings is important for the security of the country and has prevented many attacks in the past. This is a serious incident, professionally and morally. First, because we lost the late Sergeant Noa Lazar, secondly due to lack of professionalism and failure to seek contact, the terrorist was neither neutralized nor arrested. The immediate actions defined to implement the lessons of the investigation must be carried out as soon as possible, and assimilated among the entire security forces. I send my deepest condolences to the Lazar family, strengthen and embrace them."