Yair Lapid
Yair LapidHezki Baruch

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid did not move into the official residence on Jerusalem's Balfour Street, nor did he renovate his home as his predecessor former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett did.

But the total cost to secure Lapid's private home over the four months during which he has served as caretaker prime minister amounts to over two million NIS, journalist Michael Shemesh reported.

According to Shemesh, the costs were incurred for the purpose of setting up a generator and security tents, as well as the hiring of mobile services, all of which were used outside Lapid's residence.

The cost of the generator and the tents outside his residence totaled 438,000 NIS per month.

In addition, 13,000 NIS were paid for mobile services which would serve Lapid's security detail.

The expenses did not cover any changes to Lapid's home, and no changes were made to the house itself, the report added.

In July, three weeks after taking up his position, Lapid slept in the Jerusalem residence only a few nights, returning for the rest of his time in office to his home in Ramat Aviv. This, despite his promises that he would live in Jerusalem and reduce costs to the Israeli taxpayer.

A month later, it was reported that Shabak (Israel Security Agency) planned to set up "security facilities" in open public areas, as part of the work on Lapid's home in Tel Aviv. According to the reports, Lapid's neighbors were offered the opportunity to protest the plan. After the plan was publicized, Lapid ordered that all work around his home be ceased.