Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuReuters

Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday spoke to the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who called to congratulate Netanyahu on the results of the elections in Israel.

“We agreed to strengthen relations between the countries. I told the Crown Prince that we have tremendous opportunities and that I hope to see him soon in Israel,” Netanyahu wrote on his Twitter account.

Earlier on Sunday, President Isaac Herzog officially tasked Netanyahu with forming the next government, after Netanyahu received the recommendations of 64 Knesset members.

The Likud leader now has 28 days to form a government. If he fails to do so within this timeframe, President Herzog has the discretionary power to give him another 14 days.

Bahrain and Israel normalized ties as part of the US-brokered Abraham Accords in 2020. In February, then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made a historic visit to Bahrain.

At the Negev summit which took place in March of this year, Israel and Bahrain signed a Warm Peace agreement between the two countries, which is a roadmap for the development of bilateral relations between the two countries over the next decade.

Last week, the diplomatic adviser to Bahrain's king said Bahrain will continue to build its relationship with Israel after Netanyahu triumphed in Israel's general election.

The diplomatic adviser, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, said Netanyahu's win was "normal and always expected".

"We have an agreement with Israel, part of the Abraham Accords, and we will stick to our agreement and we expect it to continue in the same line and continue building our partnership together," he was quoted as having told reporters.