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Ammunition- archive IDF Spokesperson

Commander of the 210 Division Brigadier General Tzion Ratzon, present the commander of the Northern Command, Major General Ori Gordin, with the findings of the preliminary investigation into the infiltration of the Tznobar camp in northern Israel over the weekend.

According to the preliminary investigation, there were gaps in the camp's security infrastructure, multiple false alarms, and a lack of ammunition bunkers. Regarding the gaps in the security infrastructure, there is a program that will attend to the problem in the coming year.

The investigation found that immediately after the incident, personnel gathered for a widespread search and to take inventory. The command commander praised the inter-organizational cooperation between the IDF, police, and the ISA, immediately after the incident, which will continue in the coming days.

The command commander ordered the formation of a board of experts led by the commander of Division 4, Colonel Mickey Sharvit, which will investigate all of the causes and failures which allowed the ammunition to be stolen. The findings will be presented to the commander within a month. In addition, the matter of ammo storage in the camp will be looked into and an early warning system will be created.

In response to the preliminary investigation, the command commander ordered a number of immediate steps, including security drills in all units throughout the Northern Command and dedicated assessments regarding camp security.

As previously reported, around 70,000 5.56 bullets and 70 grenades were stolen from the Golan Heights base.